Jubilations Cheesecake

Cheesecakes That Will WOW You!


One bite is all it takes.  They are hand-made from scratch.  No preservatives are added.  The ingredients are the absolute best we can find.  We are not efficient in our bakery, we are proficient.  No shortcuts allowed.

You'll know when you take that first bite.  The first word will be WOW!



homecollage2b Awarded by Southern Living !

Check out our exciting news... being featured first as one of Southern Living Magazine's Favorite Southern-Made Sweets!  How did it happen?  We simply sent them a cheesecake, and we beat all the competition!




Jubilations describes the feeling of joy and celebration that accompanies such a delectable dessert experience.  More than that, it describes how we feel about life:  Every day is a special occasion that should be celebrated as a gift from God, about which we should be jubilant!  Our delicious, hand-made from scratch cheesecakes are a reflection of that philosophy.





Best Church Youth Group Fund Raiser

“Our youth group had its best fund-raiser this year by selling Jubilations cheesecakes. Compared to our other fund-raisers, we didn’t work as hard and we raised more money! Jubilations provided me with the selling forms and a good plan that worked. I recommend this company and its cheesecakes to anyone looking for a fund-raising idea. ”

- Program and Youth Director

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