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Normal Profit Margins of 50% to 75% !
Look at most websites for fund-raising and you'll read about the profit margin you can earn, but you may have difficulty finding out what you will actually pay for the product you will sell. At Jubilations we offer higher than normal profit margins AND we make it clear what you will pay for our cheesecakes, right on this website. You deal directly with our bakery and get the answers to your questions right up front... with no surprises or mysteries.

Simple Pricing
Jubilations offers a variety of different flavors of cheesecakes for use by fund-raisers. With so many flavors and so many choices, it would be confusing to price each cake differently. To simplify our pricing, we have divided our cheesecakes into two pricing groups.

Pricing Groups
If you view Our Fund-raising Flavors you will notice that our cheesecake flavors are divided into two groups, Supreme Flavors and Gourmet Flavors. Our Gourmet Flavors have a little extra "good stuff" in them, from fancy candies to rich liqueurs, and therefore cost a little more to make. As a result, our Gourmet Flavors cost $1.00 more per cheesecake than do our Supreme Flavors. But don't worry, you don't have to splurge to get our best sellers, because most of our best sellers are Supreme Flavors anyway.

Prices vary depending upon delivery location and quantity purchased. The easiest way to understand our prices is to understand what they are if you pick up at our plant in Columbus, Mississippi. Folks close enough to us prefer to pick up their cheesecakes and save a little money. Of course, most of our fund-raiser customers have us deliver to them.

Our prices, for cheesecakes picked up at our plant in Columbus, Mississippi
Supreme Flavors - $14.50 per cheesecake
Gourmet Flavors - $15.50 per cheesecake

Cheesecake Prices for Delivery By Truck
Jubilations offers great truck delivery service. Make sure to view Our Delivery Process to learn of our truck delivery methods available. If your fund-raiser requires a quantity be delivered to a central location, delivery charges normally range from $0.25 to $3.00 per cheesecake. Contact Jubilations or your Jubilations Agent for an exact quote for your location. For example, 300 Supreme Flavor cheesecakes delivered to Memphis, Tennessee would cost $1.50 to deliver, making them $16.00 each. The same quantity delivered to Minneapolis, Minnesota would cost $2.00 per cheesecake, making them $16.50 each. We also have more than one type of delivery service, depending upon your receiving and refrigeration needs. In any case, delivery expense is relatively low, leaving plenty of opportunity for your organization to make a healthy profit.

Mail Order Delivery
Have you ever considered that Jubilations can ship cheesecakes right to your supporters' homes or businesses by next day air shipment? By choosing to use our mail order method to sell our cheesecakes, many groups have profited handsomely. For example, a customer of your group could send a cheesecake to a relative on the other side of the country, as a gift. You simply give Jubilations the name and address, and we handle the shipping for you. We have specialized packaging for this type of shipment and have relationships with companies like UPS® to be sure that the delivery is made promptly and correctly. Pricing for this shipment method varies by location and quantity, but the following is a good guideline:

Mail Order Delivery to Anywhere in the Continental USA
Supreme Flavors - $40.00 per cheesecake
Gourmet Flavors - $41.00 per cheesecake
These prices include the cheesecake and shipping charges. Please note that these are special prices given to fund-raisers and are lower than our consumer mail order prices.

If you were to search the web for mail order cheesecakes, you would likely find that you could sell these cheesecakes for $10.00 to $15.00 profit and still be quite competitive with other companies that sell their cheesecakes as mail order gifts.

We want our pricing to be clear and simple. If you aren't sure about our pricing for your situation, please contact us or your Jubilations Agent for the details.

Fundraising Kickstart
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Best Church Youth Group Fund Raiser

“Our youth group had its best fund-raiser this year by selling Jubilations cheesecakes. Compared to our other fund-raisers, we didn’t work as hard and we raised more money! Jubilations provided me with the selling forms and a good plan that worked. I recommend this company and its cheesecakes to anyone looking for a fund-raising idea. ”

- Program and Youth Director