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Now for the hard part. Which flavors should you sell? We've done everything we can to make the decision difficult! As you make your way through the delicious list, you'll see a price by each cheesecake. Please note that the prices are stated as if you were picking up your fund-raising order at our plant in Columbus, Mississippi. If you plan to have us deliver to you, there will be a delivery charge added to your price. How much your delivered cheesecakes will cost depends upon where you are and how many you have us deliver.

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Cheesecake Supreme
Our original recipe! Made with the creamiest cream cheese, pure vanilla, and real butter, baked on the freshest pecan and crunchy graham cracker crust.
Plant pick up price: $14.50

Chocolate Supreme

Chocolate lovers will stand in line for our chocolate and pecan crust with an ultra creamy chocolate filling and finished off with our sour cream topping - an unforgettable dessert.
Plant pick up price: $14.50

Ominous Oreo®

This flavor is for real Oreo® lovers. On the bottom is a pure Oreo® crust and then our classic filling is jammed with broken Oreos®, then more Oreo® crumbs are sprinked on top!  This one is also nut free.
Plant pick up price: $14.50

Chocolate Marble Fantasy

Our classic creamy chocolate cheesecake is marbled into the Jubilations Cheesecake Supreme (our most popular cheesecake) and baked over a crunchy chocolate graham cracker and pecan crust.
Plant pick up price: $14.50

Key Lime Cheesecake

Our classic creamy original cheesecake flavored with fresh key lime juice straight from Key West Florida and baked on a blonde graham cracker and pecan crust.
Plant pick up price: $14.50

Mississippi Mud

We call this one "homemade sin." Chocolate crust is loaded with peanuts and supports our creamy vanilla filling, topped with sour cream, gooey chocolate, and Snickers®.
Plant pick up price: $15.50

Southern Caramel Pecan

This southern delicacy is a result of the merger of real caramel and fresh pecans. While we blend melted caramel into our vanilla filling, we sprinkle in pecan pieces.
Plant pick up price: $14.50

White Chocolate

Our high quality white chocolate is creamed into the cheesecake filling and based on a blonde graham and pecan crust... a sweet end to a busy day.
Plant pick up price: $14.50

Strawberry Swirl

For this special flavor we've swirled strawberry fruit and a secret liquour into our supreme cheesecake filling. But that's not all… we've placed it all on a flaky pastry crust. But that's still not all… we've topped the cheesecake with a double layer of sweetened sour cream and pink whipped cream. Perhaps our most unique cheesecake; a sure culinary delight.  This flavor is nut free.
Plant pick up price: $15.50


From the bottom up: a crunchy chocolate pecan crust a layer of gooey caramel our creamy vanilla cheesecake with mini chocolate chips scattered throughout topped with sour cream & chocolate.
Plant pick up price: $15.50

Sugar Free Supreme

No sugar! And we'll put this one up against anybody's regular cheesecake! This is our same creamy, vanilla cheesecake supreme with a graham and pecan crust, but made so no-sugar dieters can splurge!
Plant pick up price: $14.50

Sugar Free Chocolate

Finally, something chocolate that tastes like it's sinful! You'll certainly question your tastebuds. Though pictured here with nuts in the crust, this flavor is nut-free unless you request pecans in the crust.
Plant pick up price: $15.50

Sugar Free Lemon

This one has a sweet but tangy flavor that makes you think of anything but sugar free. Crust is graham and pecans, and loaded with butter!
Plant pick up price: $14.50

Sugar Free Strawberry

If you like strawberry ice cream, then you can imagine how this one tastes, except can you imagine that it is sugar free?? The crust is butter graham and pecans.
Plant pick up price: $15.50

Fundraising Kickstart
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Thanks Jubilations!

“Thanks to Jubilations we raised over $20,000 for our sorority’s foundation. The cheesecakes were fun and easy to sell. Not only did we raise tons of money, but we had the pleasure of tasting Jubilations’ great cheesecakes.”
- University Student
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