Jubilations Cheesecake

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Jubilations believes in a "direct to our fund-raising customer" approach. This is the only way that we can offer such expensive, gourmet-quality cheesecakes to fund-raiser groups at a price that will enable them to sell for a handsome profit. Jubilations does not sell through fund-raising companies or resellers like so many other food companies do. Instead, we license our own Business Development Agents to sell our cheesecakes to fund-raising groups. Jubilations does all the billing directly with our customers.

Jubilations is beginning to license Business Development Agents everywhere in the continental USA. We just started our fund-raising program in 2003, and it was far more successful than we could have anticipated. If you think you might be interested in earning extra income by selling for Jubilations, please call us at 800-530-7808 or inquire by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We'll have the right person discuss with you how our Agent program is structured.

We think it is improper to glamorize our Agent program on the Internet. All we will say is that we have some very excited Agents after their experiences in 2003.


Best Church Youth Group Fund Raiser

“Our youth group had its best fund-raiser this year by selling Jubilations cheesecakes. Compared to our other fund-raisers, we didn’t work as hard and we raised more money! Jubilations provided me with the selling forms and a good plan that worked. I recommend this company and its cheesecakes to anyone looking for a fund-raising idea. ”

- Program and Youth Director