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We Give Thanks for Our Troops
With this newsletter we try to take only a moment of your time to deliver a commercial message that might spark your interest in ordering or sending a Jubilations cheesecake. However, this month, we’ll happily assume the commercial risk of beginning this newsletter with a message of gratitude for our men and women of the United States Armed Forces. Though the coverage of the Iraq war has subsided somewhat, please remember that all of our troops are still over there in mid-mission. Their work is not yet done. We pray that our military families at home will be comforted and that our troops will stay safe from harm. God has blessed America and we remain grateful at Jubilations for His continued blessings upon our country.

Send a Gift to a Military Family
Now would be a perfect time to remember a family who has someone serving in the military. Why not send them a delicious cheesecake from Jubilations and tell them that you appreciate their family’s contribution to our country’s safety and security? In fact, sending a gift now for that purpose may be far more meaningful than sending a cheesecake at Christmas. Jubilations will discount its price for you if you order now. When you order online, enter discount code FREEDOM.

Jubilations Announces New Sales Agent Program
Are you or someone you know interested in making extra income selling Jubilations cheesecakes? Business Development Agent positions are now open in many parts of the country for self-starters who want to earn lucrative commissions selling our fund-raising program to schools, church groups, civic organizations, sports teams, cheerleader groups, band booster clubs, and the huge number of other organizations who put on fund-raisers. You can also earn money by selling Jubilations to businesses for employee and customer gifts, as well as other businesses that might profit from selling our cheesecakes in their specialty shops or online stores. You can work from your home or office, and Jubilations will provide you with all of the tools you need to succeed. If you are interested in this opportunity, send us an email by clicking here.

Never Forget to Send a Gift Again!
Would you like to be one of those people who seems to never forget a birthday or anniversary? Jubilations can send you an email to remind you that an important date is upcoming. Of course, if you request, Jubilations can send a hand-made cheesecake for you, with a personal message. It’s an easy way to never forget to send a gift. If you’d like to submit one or more important dates, click here.

Sign Up a Friend
Do you know someone who would enjoy hearing about Jubilations? Click here to sign them up to receive our newsletter, and weÕll give you a 10% discount on your next purchase, and offer your referral the discount also, as a new friend of Jubilations.

Special 10% Discount for our Newsletter Subscribers:
For the month of April, you can receive a 10% discount off any purchase. Visit our online store, add your favorite flavor cheesecake to your shopping cart. Or, if you feel like experimenting, try a cheesecake flavor you've never had before. When you are finished shopping, click "Checkout" and enter the coupon code 2003APR when completing your purchase.

Voice: 1-800-530-7808
Postal Mail:  1536 Gardner Boulevard
Building 7, Sweet 8
Columbus, Mississippi 39702


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We Hope WeÕve Reached the Right Person!
If you arenÕt the person we should be contacting about fund-raising, please forward this letter to the proper person, or email us at with the personÕs email address or mailing address. Thank you.

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